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Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeries at International Standards

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is the only scientifically proven method for permanent and effective weight loss.

Metabolic Surgery

Metabolic Surgery

Metabolic surgery results in resolution of co-morbid conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, hyperlipidemias.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery

In laparoscopic surgery small holes are created to enter into the tummy. Telescope is kept inside the tummy.

Obesity is dangerous. It is not just a cosmetic problem. It is a lifestyle disease. Obesity can lead to more than 65 types of other diseases including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and obstructive sleep apnea. Total body fat stores are under control of several gut hormones and genes. They decide how much amount of fat to be stored in the body.  They set a value for fat storage. This value is called set point for fat storage. Obese individuals have high fat set point. This means their body hormones and genes decided to store more fat in them. High calorie refined foods and lack of physical exercise influence these hormones and genes, and increase fat set point leading to obesity. In some individuals these get easily influenced because of genetic variations leading to excess weight gain. 

Healthy diet and physical activity are necessary to prevent obesity. But these measures alone, almost always fail to induce permanent weight loss. 96% of the people fail to lose weight permanently with these methods alone, especially if body mass index is 30 and above. Diet control including low calorie weight loss diet, exercise, naturopathy, liposuction, cool sculpting and weight loss pills cannot alter this set point. If you try to reduce weight by these methods, you have to fight against your body to lose weight. If you fight, these hormones and genes don’t keep quiet. They fight back. Whenever you try to lose weight by these methods, these hormones and genes induce counter changes in the body and make sure to replace all the lost weight over a period of 6 months to 5 years. These hormones include Ghrelin, GLP 1, Peptide YY, Cholecystokinin and Amylin.

Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery is a scientifically proven method for permanent weight loss. It is very safe and highly effective. Weight loss after bariatric surgery is not because of food restriction or mal-absorption. Bariatric surgeries induce hormonal and genetic changes in body which reset fat set point to a lower level. This means after these surgeries, body hormones and genes decide to get rid of fat and bring fat to the new lowered set value. Appetite comes down. Interest towards healthy food increases. Initially there is food restriction which disappears over a period of time. Still there is permanent weight loss. 

Surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy and diversion procedures manipulate these hormones and reset fat set point to a lower level. So weight loss is significant and permanent. Diversion procedures include roux en y gastric bypass (RYGB), mini-gastric bypass (MGB), sleeve gastrectomy with loop duodeno-jejunal bypass (SG LDJB), bilio-pancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD DS), single anastomosis duodeno-ileal bypass with sleeve (SADI S), sleeve gastrectomy with duodeno-ileal  interposition (SG DII) and sleeve gastrectomy with jejuno-ileal interposition (SG JII). After bariatric surgery appetite comes down, outlook towards food is changed. Individuals start liking healthy food and hate unhealthy food. Unlike above bariatric surgeries, effect of gastric banding(LAGB), greater curve plication (GCP) and intra-gastric balloon (IGB) on fat set point is weak. These are mainly restrictive. After gastric banding, greater curve plication and gastric balloon appetite increases. Body tries to get back its weight. Ultimately either you get back all the lost weight or you will come back for band removal. Bariatric surgery also results in resolution of co-morbid conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obstructive sleep apnea etc. If intention of surgery is to resolve type 2 diabetes, it is called metabolic surgery.

Metabolic Surgery cures type 2 diabetes in significant number of patients regardless of their weight. After metabolic surgery patient doesn’t need insulin or medications to control blood sugar levels. Diabetes complications don’t progress after surgery. If already developed there is a good chance of their reversal. Same hormonal  changes mentioned above are responsible for the resolution of diabetes. Permanent cure of type 2 diabetes is possible in selected patients after metabolic surgery. Compared to sleeve gastrectomy alone, hormonal changes are more in diversion procedures. So if anyone is suffering from diabetes it is better to go for diversion procedures like SG DII, SG LDJB, BPD DS, SADI S, RYGB or MGB.

I performed bariatric surgery on my dad, Dr. Vennapusa Brahma Reddy and metabolic surgery on my brother Mr. K. Srinivas Reddy. Please check their images and my dad’s video feedback in gallery section.

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Experience with Dr. Amar

  • Having met personally and reviewed quite a few Bariatrics surgeons, I decided to go with Dr Amar V for my Sleeve Gastrectomy. I must say i was impressed by his attitude and approach. Well as it turned out, he is not only a skilled and experienced surgeon but also a polite and genuinely caring person. I received excellent care before and during the surgery. He was always available (even at odd hours on mobile) to answer any concerns and apprehensions I was having. Now It's been more than 6 weeks since my surgery and I have already lost more than 12 KG without any complains ....... feeling a lot better! During this period also I was and am constantly in touch with him and following his advice. I sincerely appreciate his interest and desire to see long lasting result in his patients. I definitely recommend Dr Amar to anyone who has concerns regarding his weight because in Dr Amar I got not only an excellent Surgeon but also a kind and cooperative person.

  • Dr Amar is The Best doctor’s appointment I've ever had. I went all the doctors who are in this field, among them He is the best, Very professional and very attentive. Takes his time with you and puts a lot of effort in trying to help. He was knowledgeable and able to explain the diagnosis in a simple and understandable manner. His Friendly Behaviour and professional I left feeling very good about the entire experience. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

  • DR Amar is an excellent surgeon, his councelling and care to patients is outstanding. I referred one of my close friend to DR AMAR, my friend lost 45 kilos in 6 months with out any side effects.

  • Ever smiling doctor, best bariatric surgeon with patient and pocket friendly doctor

  • Best Doctor for Bariatric Surgery.. Im So Happy after Surgery .... Thanq Dr. V. Amar garu.

  • Dr.Amar is very experienced and expert in obesity surgery and treatment.I hope in future this obesity surgery may include in health insurance and it is essential to the public and health industry,actually metabolic surgery is best alternate for diabetes,cost has to come down to become popular this treatment.Dr Amar is well qualified and working to serve the common people

  • The best Doctor who educates the patient well before treatment. Well support given before and after the treatment, best diet plans are suggested for healthy life. Lot of patience and energy to explain and make understand. Approachable 24x7 even if the call is not attended you will receive a call for sure. For any one who are suffering from obesity and want to loose weight with surgery I suggest to meet this man. Thanks a lot doctor for your treatment and support.

  • dr. amar reviewer photo

    The best bariatric surgeon I have ever met. Best possible treatment and care provider, enjoying a diabetes free life an thanks to Dr. Amar, my life has a new meaning now

  • I underwent Bariatric Surgery with Dr, Amar, He is excellent surgeon kind compassionate treat pts very friendly,easily approachable, after underwent surgery I reduced 45kgs in 2yrs- 120 to 75, now I gain new life style, as I am CTV SURG doing long operations comfortably, thanks Amar you are the best Bariatric surgeon.

  • Writing review for Dr. Amar is my privilege. The very thought of it evokes umpteen numbers of positive emotions and vibes, which are inexpressible in words. The reasons for this is predicament are manifold - 1) Dr. Amar is unconventional and extraordinary doctor, surgeon, human 2) He is my dear friend and classmate from MBBS, MS days 3) He has stellar academic career with many gold medals 4) His knowledge of anatomy, medical science and surgery is supreme 5) Especially, his surgical skills and dexterity is amongst the best and unmatched 6) Every time i speak with him on any medical or surgical topic or watch him operate, i learn new points - such is his knowledge bank and brain 7) Above all, he is charming and soothening in his approach to patient 8) I know him since 23 years and has put in tremendous labour and effort to reach his present position and expertise built on his natural intelligence 9) I highly recommend him for any Bariatric procedure and also Advanced Laparoscopic surgeries 10) I also got my father operated with him and my father is doing fine having lost 40 kgs with improved quality of life . Enter and exit his clinic and consultation room and assure that patient will have smile and content on his face after interacting and getting treated with him.

  • Dr Amar is very passionate about the service and care that is given to his patients, he is readily available to help all his patients . I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a doctor who doesn't see you as money making opportunity but as a person who needs help and guidance....... I wish him all the luck in the world for his future .......

  • hi....this is MOHD.ABDULLAH KHAN am working as a journalist from nagarkurnool...telangana,India...before 4 months my weight was 136kgs now my weight is 95kgs this is the result of bariotic surgery done by DR.AMAR (BARIOTIC SURGEN) after this surgery am feeling very happy.....feeeling active and healthy.... so if u want to do BARIATRIC SURGERY please contact DR.AMAR....THANK YOU…….

  • Best Doctor I have ever seen He loves his patients. Dr.Amar Vennapusa I Knew Dr. Amar since 2014 and Met him through my sister who has undergone the bariatric Surgery and from there I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind he was and how fast he was at getting back to me and making me understand the procedures. In Feb 2015 I have undergone the gastric Sleeve surgery and in today’s date I have lost 25kgs and still on the go… even today if I have any issues or any doubts he does not hesitate to explain. I am very thankful to him for these amazing changes what I have today in regards to the health.

  • Dr. V Amar is very engaging, responsive, and a very capable surgeon. His post operative care, patient engagement. He is very knowledgeable of his subject, and takes time to explain all process and procedures to patient and families to make them comfortable. Thanks Dr. Amar !

  • Dr Amar is the best obesity and diabetes surgeon ,he is well experienced and his treatment and care towards every patient is awesome. he is the best doctor and dream ur goal and he vl be helping each individual to reach it safely and happily

  • Hi ! Greetings ! I am here to share my experience on bariatric surgery which I went thru. After my deliveries I have put on lot of weight. I have tried many ways to reduce. Though I use to reduce 5 kgs I use to regain in no time. I lost confidence, slowly I stopped thinking of myself . Then I realized that I am lacking something in my life. I then met Dr.Amar shared my concern about obesity. He suggested me bariatric surgery. Intially I was scared . But then I convinced my hubby and then underwent the surgery. I was 86kgs when I went surgery. It's been 13months. Now I am just 57kgs. I am really happy. Earlier people used to call me dumbo. Now the same people call me paper slim. Happy to hear . I regained my confidence. I am thankful to Dr. AMAR who helped me out . Thanks & Regards, Sirisha

  • Dr. Amar performed bariatric surgery for me. I was 87 kg and my BMI was 35 kg/m2. With in 6 months I came down to 63 kg. I am very happy with the outcome. Dr. Amar is well experienced bariatric surgeon. He counselled me very well before surgery and clarified all my doubts. If you have obesity problem you can blindly go to Dr. Amar.

  • I am a consultant diabetologist. I was severely obese since 10 years.I was 135 kgs in December 2013.This one time surgery reduces my complications for next 30 years because of weight loss. Today I am 90 kgs after surgery. My knee pain and hypertension disappeared.

  • This is K. R. Nandan Reddy. I was operated by Dr. Amar. I used to be 134.4 kg before surgery but now I am just 87 kg. There is a lot of improvement in my body structure as well as in my face. Before I used to be very shy to go to parties and to walk on the road side etc., but now I don't have that feeling thanks a lot to Dr. Amar. Before my waist used to be 56 but now can u imagine???????? It came to 37. Before I couldn't get proper clothes only but now I am getting them very easily. Now I am very comfortable while running, sleeping etc. I am so thankful to Dr. Amar. Thanks a lot to him. He changed my life from black & white photo to color photo. I am very happy to say that I am fully satisfied with laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery. Thanks a lot doctor. I can't forget u life long.

  • I am father of Dr. Amar. I used to weigh 117 kg. I struggled a lot for several years but could not come down below 106 kg. Meanwhile I got diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. My son, Dr. Amar, advised me several times to undergo bariatric surgery. But I neglected his advise thinking that I have will power to lose weight. In January 2014, I developed severe back pain due to prolapse of multiple disks. Then I decided to undergo bariatric surgery. My son performed laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy on me in January 2014 along with appendicectomy, Meckels diverticulectomy and umbilical hernia repair. I got rid of diabetes and other problems within a month. I am happy now as my weight is 72 kg. I am thankful to my son for giving me new life - Dr. V. Brahma Reddy, National President of Jana Vignana Vedika Organisation.

  • I am Srinivas Reddy, aged 32 yrs. My father had type 2 diabetes. So I got myself tests done and I was found to have uncontrolled type 2 diabetes with blood sugar of > 400 mg/dL and high blood fat (triglycerides). My weight was 89 kg. I was 20 kg excess of my ideal weight. I was also found to have a block in one of the vessels in heart. I was very depressed and lost interest in life since I was aware of consequences of diabetes. My father lost his life because of the same problems. Dr. Amar is my brother-in-law and a well experienced obesity and diabetes surgeon. He explained me in detail about metabolic surgery to resolve type 2 diabetes (laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with duodenoileal interposition). I understood the advantages of undergoing surgery and accepted the same. He performed this surgery on me in March 2013 by putting small holes in my belly (laparoscopic method). My diabetes got resolved within no time. Now my fasting blood sugar is around 90 to 96 mg/dl. And I am not using any medicines! No insulin and no anti diabetes tablets! Still my blood sugar is in normal limits! I also lost 20 kg of weight in 1 year time. My blood fats became normal even without medicines. Now I am not afraid and leading a happy life - Mr. K. Srinivas Reddy, Brother-in-Law of Dr. Amar.