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Dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and weakness can be prevented if individuals who underwent bariatric/ metabolic surgeries take some precautions –

– Hydrate yourself well.
– Consume minimum 3 litre of liquids daily. Of this, water should be minimum 2 litre.
– If you are feeling weak or sweating more, then increase liquid intake accordingly.
– Several individuals don’t like the taste of water after bariatric surgery. If you dislike water, add few lemon drops, a spoon of butter milk, a pinch of salt or something else to alter the taste of water and take this instead.
– Since you can’t drink a lot at a time, take small quantity more frequently.
– Measure and take exact quantity of liquids, not approximate quantity.
– Since you can’t drink a lot at a time, take small quantity more frequently.
– Each time, take slowly over a period of few minutes.
– Avoid exposure to sun. If there is no other option, use umbrella/ towel as a cover.
– Take a bottle of water and a bottle of butter milk/ coconut water/ juice while going out.
– Avoid soft drinks, coffee and tea.


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