About Us


-Are you suffering from severe obesity and failed to achieve long lasting weight loss?
– Did you try various weight loss methods like diet control, exercise, herbal products,
liposuction and cool sculpting but failed to achieve weight loss?
– Are you suffering from uncontrolled type 2 diabetes not responding to medications?

Then you came to perfect place where you can find appropriate solutions for your problems.
Dr. AMAR BARIATRIC & METABOLIC CENTER is a one stop solution for all the individuals suffering from morbid obesity and severe diabetes. This center is exclusively focused on the management of severe/ morbid obesity with or without type 2 diabetes and uncontrolled tyoe 2 diabetes without obesity.
Bariatric surgeries induce long lasting weight loss in those individuals suffering from severe and morbid obesity. Metabolic surgeries induce long lasting remission from severe type 2 diabetes.

In our clinic, individuals are counseled about the route cause of weight gain and uncontrolled diabetes, fully evaluated and appropriate solutions are given tailored to the individual needs.

Individuals requiring ‘Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeries’ are educated about the benefits, risks, and lifestyle changes, after these life saving surgeries. They are provided with in depth knowledge about how these surgeries work, how the life after surgery going to be in order to make the weight loss journey smooth and adequate follow up support is provided to maintain the weight loss achieved. In Dr. Amar Bariatric & Metabolic Center, individuals suffering from obesity and diabetes are evaluated by a team comprising of a senior consultant bariatric and metabolic surgeon, a bariatric physician and a bariatric nutritionist.

Services provided at Dr. Amar Bariatric & Metabolic Center

  • Bariatric surgery consultation (Weight loss surgery)

  • Metabolic surgery consultation (Diabetes surgery)

  • Post bariatric surgery follow-up

  • Post metabolic surgery follow-up

  • Weight loss diet consultation

  • Post bariatric surgery diet consultation

  • Post metabolic surgery diet consultation

  • Consultation with senior consultant bariatric and metabolic surgeon

  • Consultation with bariatric physician

  • Consultation with bariatric nutritionist

  • Body composition analysis

  • Bariatric surgery for obesity

  • Metabolic surgery for type 2 diabetes

  • Revision bariatric surgery for weight regain

  • Endoscopic procedures for obesity

Dr. Amar is a senior consultant bariatric surgeon practicing bariatric and metabolic surgeries since 2009.