Can you eat anything you want after Bariatric Surgery.Watch this video to know the fact

Can you eat anything you want after bariatric surgeries, bariatric surgeries induce long lasting weight loss by altering several hormones which will control body fat . So they are going to reset the fat value to a lower level by changing the hormones. While unhealthy foods and lack of exercise can affect this hormones, they can trigger this hormones and reset the fat well to a higher level. If you want to maintain long lasting weight loss after bariatry surgery, you need to stick on to healthy diet because if you take unhealthy foods, it’s going to compromise the effect  of surgery. For example, if you are able to lose 50 kg with bariatric surgeries alone, if you add healthy return in excess, you may lose 55 kg. And if you don’t take healthy food, if you are sticking on to unhealthy food, then you may lose only 45 kg. And if you can do these unhealthy food habits, your weight loss will be compromised. So there is a possibility that you may regain part of the lost weight. So in order to maintain the significant weight loss for a long time, it’s better if you stick on to healthy diet and do exercise regularly. Thank you.

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