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Obesity leads to several medical co-morbid diseases. Hyperlipidemia is one of them. Elevated levels of blood fats such as Total Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, VLDL Cholesterol and/or Triglycerides is considered as Hyperlipidemia.

High blood fats can lead to heart attack, brain stroke, and pancreatitis. It is necessary to keep the blood fat levels under control to prevent complications.

While healthy diet and muscle strengthening exercises are necessary to control weight and blood fat levels, some individuals need addition of medications.

Individuals with severe or morbid obesity with hyperlipidemia benefit from bariatric/metabolic surgeries. High end metabolic surgeries result in remission of hyperlipidemia in > 90% of the individuals in addition to achieving long lasting weight loss.

If you are having excess weight with high blood fat levels, take an expert opinion.

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