Plan your diet and activity wisely while on Vacation

After bariatric surgery, you lose weight due to hormonal changes. These hormonal changes can lead to food aversions. While you are at home, it is relatively easy to plan your diet according to your food aversions. But the same will be difficult when you go on a vacation. Proper planning will ensure you to enjoy vacation without worrying about diet.
– Plan daily diet schedule in advance.
– This includes details like time of food intake, types of foods and liquids, whether you cook and eat at the place of accommodation or eat restaurant food, and the foods you carry with you.
– Book a self-catering accommodation with some cooking facilities if possible.
– Plan foods rich in protein and fiber.
– Avoid sugar, oil, spice and chilly.
– Please keep in mind which post-op phase you’re in and plan your meals according to the foods you have been recommended.
– Take the help of your nutritionist to plan vacation diet schedule.
– Choose restaurants carefully.
– Research restaurants and menus in advance.
– Pick lean proteins and steamed options in restaurants.
– Watch your portion size while eating outside.
– Don’t try new foods which you never tried earlier when you are outside. You never know towards which new foods you have aversions.
– Carry two large bottles – One with Water to maintain hydration, another with protein shake, butter milk or fruit juice to consume if you feel weak.
– Carry a packet of mixed nuts – Pea Nuts, Cashews, Pistas and Almonds.
– Take your vitamins, mineral and protein supplements with you.
– Avoid alcohol consumption
– Avoid soft drinks and sodas.

– Plan activities that involve physical exercise such as walking, trekking, swimming  and sports.
– Check for the gym at your hotel and plan your workout time accordingly.
– Carry couple of gym wear to workout in your room, if your hotel doesn’t have gym.

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