Second Covid Wave- ICU Beds Shortage Acress The Country

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Second wave of Covid-19 turned out to be more infectious and deadlier. New cases keep on increasing exponentially everyday. Situation is going to worsen further. New cases are nearing 5,00,000/day and shooting towards touching 10,00,000/per day.
And there is no sight of curve flattening in near future. Approximately 10% of patients requiring treatment need ICU beds.

Through out the country, doctors and hospitals are facing the brunt. Hospital and ICU beds are full every where. Every day all doctors are getting several enquiries about availability of hospital and ICU beds. Sudden spike of cases increased the burden on healthcare system. There is severe shortage of hospital and ICU beds, ventilators and oxygen.

So don’t drag until you will be the one in need of an ICU bed with ventilator and oxygen requirement. Get vaccinated now. Don’t neglect Covid precautions – wear a mask, follow social distancing, avoid social gatherings, postpone all non essential works, postpone travel and impose self lockdown whenever possible.

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