Ajitha Janu8

Dr Amar sir advises and treatment has transformed me. I have reduced 32 kg without any side effects.
Thank you sir

Thakur Lokesh

Its been the best life after surgery and its been to have such a great and good doctor like dr amar , one word to say all about his treatment and surgery is its the best to have second life . I thank u amar sir for the best guidance and best treatment which you have given to my family.

Macharla Srinadh

By god’s grace I met him who blessed present my happiest and healthy life.my weight reduce from 164kg to 98kg in the span of one year.Amar garu gives the best and follow up me and guide the proper diet and work outs.Thank you sir.

Sri Devidi

I have lost 50kgs in 3 yrs . Iam really happy which I used to be 4xl before now I came to large. Dr Amar garu is a great surgeon in bariactric and caring of the patient is also the same. Without looking back you can go for it . Their won’t be any complications in future.

Lily Gupta

I had underwent Gastric sleeve surgery in August 2019 by Dr. Amar. Since then my life has been changed a lot and I’m all happy for that change and It brought so much of confidence and positivity in my life.

Sivaji Donepudi

Dr Amar was fabulous at his work, and his passion towards his clients. I am one of the happy clients after undergoing surgery. He explained me and clarified all my pre surgery doubts. He patiently replied to doubts and concerns, I lost nearly 30 kegs and I am very happy now. I look young fitter and more healthy.

Vemareddy Modugula

Highly recommended,
Dr. Amar V is a perfect doctor for bariatrics and metabolic surgeries.
The doctor is so polite and clarifies all the doubts and also operates patients at very reasonable prices.
This surgery is so safe and Don’t keep any myths.

Prasanth Mungara

I have underwent SADI (bariatric)IN AUG2019.. I was 121 and now I a 82.7…i am excited to see my weight after 2decades. Now m doing perfectly alright and thanks to DR. Amar, who changed my life.

SatyaDeepu Mandapati

It was good consulting Dr Amar sir ,and he managed to do treatment with the best ever experience and knowledge and as Iam living my life upto the mark that’s only because of the Dr Amar sir. Save your date for Dr Amar sir , visit him at AVIS HOSPITAL HYDERABAD and make sure you meeet him Quickly!

Mukharjee Madivada

Let the fact that he is one of my closest friends and that we share a fraternal bonding may not take away the sheen of what I am saying, but Dr. Amar is the best Bariatric surgeon I have come across in life.