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Dr. AMAR BARIATRIC & METABOLIC CENTER, in association with INDIAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION, TELANGANA CHAPTER conducted a workshop on ‘LATEST GUIDELINES IN BARIATRIC NUTRITION’ on 01st June 2019 in Mercure KCP Hotel, Somajiguda. Around 230 nutritionists from various parts of India attended this workshop.
Dr. AMAR, Chief Consultant Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon explained the concept of bariatric & metabolic surgeries and the importance of nutritionist in the management of bariatric patients. While most of the people can reduce weight and maintain fitness with lifestyle modifications, people with severe obesity and severe diabetes fail to achieve long lasting weight loss and diabetes remission with lifestyle modifications alone including popular keto diet. Severe obesity can lead to several medical co-morbid diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problem and increase life risk. These people need bariatric surgical intervention for weight loss and diabetes remission. Several people are not aware how surgery works. People think that surgery effect is because of food restriction and malabsorption, which is not true. These surgeries alter several hormones controlling body weight and insulin leading to long lasting weight loss and long standing diabetes remission. In order to prevent nutritional complications post surgery, nutritionists play a very important role in patient counseling and lifelong follow up.
Ms. HARITHA SHYAM, IDA Convener, HOD of Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, Apollo Hospitals explained the protocols to be followed in pre and post bariatric nutrition. Ms. AN. MALLESWARI, HOD of Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, Glendale Global Hospitals explained the management of nutritional deficiencies post bariatric surgery. Ms. NAZNEEN MALLICK, Chief Bariatric Nutritionist, Dr. ABMC, talked about life after bariatric surgery and how the association between bariatric surgeon and nutritionist is important for the success of surgeries. Dr. TEJASWI CHIVUKULA inaugurated the event and Dr. V. GITIKA conducted a quiz competition and winners were given prizes.

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