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“ WINTER IS COMING. BE PREPARED ” – Jon Snow says in Game of Thrones.

While people of seven kingdoms of Westeros are worried about white walkers, we are worried about weight gain during winter.

Of course winter already came!
People tend to gain 3 to 5 kg during winter.
Lack of sunlight increases laziness during winter.
Cold weather makes people lose interest to wake up early and do exercise.

Longer nights make you sleep more and become lethargic.
Winter makes you eat more foods.
Your urge to eat more sweet and fat foods increases during winter.
While staying at home, we tend to see television more and while watching television, we tend to eat junk foods without realising.

Though metabolism increases to keep body work, this will also increase hunger, leading to increased food intake.
Melatonin hormone increases in darkness and make you feel sleepy and may increase hunger.

Reduced vitamin D because of lack of sun exposure also tend to increase fat deposits.

What is the solution?
Make healthy food choices.
Watch what you are eating.
Do not deviate from routine exercise regimen.
Watch television but while watching use cross trainer, treadmill or exercise using dumbbells
Keep temperature warm.
Expose to sunlight daily for 20 min

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